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A list of representative transactions and professional references are available upon request at

SME has direct industry expertise across the following sectors and transaction types.

• Manufacturing & Industrial
• Hospitality
• Energy, Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream
• Logistics
• Food Manufacturing and Distribution
• Recreation and Entertainment
• Automotive
• Commodities, including Aluminum, Steel and other Fabrication Metals
• Technology
• Hospitals and Healthcare
• Solar

Transaction Types
• Acquisitions
• Generational Transfers
• Commercial Loans
• Balance Sheet Restructuring or Recapitalization
• Private Placements
• Federal and State Tax Credits, including New Markets, Renewables, and Historics
• High Yield Loans
• Mezzanine or Subordinated Debt
• Pari Passu Structures
• Debt Participations

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